Internship positions available (2020)

Department Name of the Faculty Area of Research
Chemistry Dr. Shanmugaraju S Development of novel fluorescent chemosensors
Chemistry Dr. Shanmugaraju S Supramolecular self-assembly formation of novel structures
Chemistry Dr. Dinesh Jagadeesan Heterogeneous catalysis
Chemistry Dr. Dinesh Jagadeesan Synthesis and electrical characterization of Perovskites
Chemistry Sushabhan Sadhukhan Site-selective protein-modification chemistry for drug development
Chemistry Sushabhan Sadhukhan Structure-activity relationship of dietary polyphenols for drug development
Chemistry Mintu Porel Design and synthesis of organic material
Chemistry Mintu Porel Development of antibacterial drug
Chemistry Padmesh A Computational Chemistry
Mathematics Ashok Kumar Probability, Statistics, and Information Theory
Civil Engineering Senthilkumar User experinces on project performances in PPP projects
Civil Engineering Sarmistha Hydroclimatic Data Analysis
Civil Engineering Sarmistha Extreme event analysis
Civil Engineering Athira Waterhsed  Modelling
Civil Engineering Subhasis Water Resources Project
Civil Engineering Bhavathrathan Analysis of Transportation Systems
Civil Engineering Praveena Water and wastewater treatment
Civil Engineering Sunitha K Nayar Utilization of waste water in concrete applications
Civil Engineering Senthilkumar Contract Management on Capital EPC Projects
Computer Science & Engineering Unnikrishnan GPU programming
Computer Science & Engineering Unnikrishnan Compilers
Computer Science & Engineering Sandeep Memory abstractions on RISC-V Operating Systems
Computer Science & Engineering Sandeep Process abstractions on RISC-V Operating Systems
Computer Science & Engineering Albert AI-based Architectures for Multi-RAT RAN
Computer Science & Engineering Sahely time series data analysis (rain fall prediction) [I may be on leave in end of may for two weeks]
Computer Science & Engineering Satyajit Das RISCV ISA extension with crypto instructions
Computer Science & Engineering Piyush P Kurur Functional Programming, Type theory
Computer Science & Engineering Vivek Chaturvedi Hardware security, side-channel analysis, computer architecture
Physics Soham Manni Spin-orbit coupled Materials
Physics Bibhu Ranjan Sarangi Surface modification for rigidity tuning
Physics Uma Divakaran Quantum Phase Transitions
Physics Amit Kumar Pal Quantum information processing
Electrical Engineering Revathy P Loss limits in optically-sensitive devices
Electrical Engineering Revathy P Transport in 2D devices
Electrical Engineering Arun Rahul S Design of power quality analyzer
Electrical Engineering Swaroop Sahoo Phase array radar signal processing
Electrical Engineering Swaroop Sahoo Digital beamforming radar signal processing
Electrical Engineering Mahesh Panicker Ultrasound Imaging
Electrical Engineering Sukomal Dey Reconfigurable antenna, mm-wave multiport networks 
Electrical Engineering Sreenath V Design and development of sensors for automotive applications
Electrical Engineering Jobin Francis Wireless channel sounding
Electrical Engineering Shaikshavali C Control of cyber physical systems
Electrical Engineering Subrahmanyam Mula VLSI architectures for online learning
Electrical Engineering Arvind ajoy "Abinitio simulation for semiconductor nanoelectronics 
(MSc Physics, MSc Chemistry and BTech students welcome. Knowledge of quantum mechanics required)"
Electrical Engineering Sneha Gajbhiye Trajectory generation for a robot
HSS Amrita Roy Regional growth and development
Mechanical Engineering Santhakumar Robotics and Motion Control
Mechanical Engineering Anand Image processing / building experimental setups
Mechanical Engineering Kanmani Subbu Micro Manufacturing
Mechanical Engineering Ganesh Natarajan "Fluid Dynamics - Computational and experimental"
Mechanical Engineering KVN Surendra Solid mechanics and allied areas like fracture mechanics
Mechanical Engineering Chakradhar Conventional machining
Mechanical Engineering Kesavan Additive manufacturing