Internship positions available (2019)

Department Name of the Faculty Area of Research Vacancy
Chemistry Dinesh Jagadeesan Heterogeneous catalysts - Synthesis 1
Chemistry Padmesh A Folding Mechanisms in Proteins 1
Chemistry Mintu Porel Synthesis of organic macromolecule 1
Chemistry Shanmugaraju S Engineering mersopoprous polymers (both organic and metal-based) 1
Chemistry Shanmugaraju S Supramolecular self-assembly formation of discrete metallacycles and cages 1
Mathematics Ashok Kumar M Information theory, statistics, or probability 1
Physics Jayakumar Balakrishnan 2D Materials 1
Civil Engineering Praveena Gangadharan Water and wastewater treatment 1
Civil Engineering Sarmistha Singh Climate and Water resources 1
Civil Engineering Sanjukta Chakraborty Vibration Control 1
Civil Engineering Sunitha K Nayar Materials and structural systems 1
Civil Engineering Anil Kumar M.V Steel Structures 1
Civil Engineering Madhu Karthik M Evaluation of reinforced concrete 1
Civil Engineering Subhasis Mitra Water Resources 1
Civil Engineering Athira P. Hydrological Modelling 1
Civil Engineering B. K. Bhavathrathan Transportation Systems 1
Civil Engineering Sudheesh T. K. Geotechnical Engineering 1
Computer Science & Engineering Mrinal Kanti Das Machine Learning 1
Computer Science & Engineering Sahely Bhadra Machine Learning for Metabolic Network (Principal Metabolic Flux mode analysis) 1
Computer Science & Engineering Sahely Bhadra Machine Learning on Graph 1
Computer Science & Engineering Sandeep Chandran Computer Architecture 1
Computer Science & Engineering Krithika R Algorithms 1
Computer Science & Engineering Albert Sunny Optimal Data Offloading based on Vehicle Trajectory 1
Computer Science & Engineering Vivek Chaturvedi IoT algorithms and implementation 1
Computer Science & Engineering Piyush P. Kurur Functional Programming, Type theory, Proof assistants 1
Electrical Engineering Revathy P Compact modeling of memory devices 1
Electrical Engineering Revathy P Plasmonic nanoantennas for photodetectors 1
Electrical Engineering Mahesh Panicker Medical Image Processing for Ultrasound Imaging Biomarkers 1
Electrical Engineering Swaroop Sahoo Radar design, signal processing in radars and medical instruments 1
Electrical Engineering Lakshmi Narasimhan Wireless communication, sparse signal processing, machine learning for communications, information theory and coding 1
Electrical Engineering Sukomal Dey Millimeterwave broadband coupler using substrate integrated waveguide, Noice modelling for GaN RF amplifiers 1
Electrical Engineering Arvind Ajoy Dynamics of rotary inverted pendulum : theory and experiment 1
Electrical Engineering Arvind Ajoy Atomistic modeling for nanoelectronics 1
Mechanical Engineering Krishna S PIV measurements in counterflow burner 1
Mechanical Engineering Samarjeet Chanda Joint estimation of higher order diffusion coefficients during simultaneous heat and mass diffusion 1
Mechanical Engineering Samarjeet Chanda / Kanmani Subbu S Characterisation of residual stresses in additively manufactured components through heat transfer simulations 1
Mechanical Engineering Kanmani Subbu S Manufacturing 1
Mechanical Engineering Afzaal Ahmed Effect of edge radius while machining soft alloys 1
Mechanical Engineering Santhakumar Mohan Robotics and Motion Control 1
Mechanical Engineering Santhakumar Mohan Mobile Robots and Manipulators 1